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Happiness Is An Inside Job

My favourite mug has these words written on it. “Happiness is an inside job”

I love the reminder that as Sydney Banks used to say “we are just one thought away from a different experience”

After years of practicing my positive mantras, journaling my problems/solutions, faking it until I make it and practicing my mindfulness, I have concluded that trying to ‘make’ happiness happen is over rated!

Have you noticed how a good idea becomes a chore when you have to ‘make’ it happen? I find that my REALLY good ideas are so motivating that they come to fruition effortlessly. Very little thought needed! I’m not saying don’t journal/be mindful/or recite positive phrases, I’m just suggesting that ‘effortless’ sounds like a good idea.

So how could we apply that to creating happiness.

What I have seen for myself is that my state of happiness which I personally prefer to call contentment is occurring all the time, in between numerous other states. It comes and goes, maybe peppered with some resistance/contemplation/irritation/curiosity/enthusiasm, I could go on! It’s a never ending cycle playing out inside of me.

Children beautifully demonstrate their constantly shifting states for all to see. They have a natural ability to be in different states effortlessly and partly what creates this is not needing to cover them up.

Effortless to me looks like a natural flow where nothing is interrupted, or held onto. It is an acceptance of all that is.

What if we could be more like this as adults?

As adults we are gifted with consciousness which potentially allows us to observe our changing states. It is also allows us to see when we are trying too hard i.e. it doesn’t feel good. But what if we could be in acceptance of all that is, including when we are a long way off happiness.

What if holding onto happiness or trying to make happiness occur is the very thing holding it at bay. What if it’s already there but sometimes we just can’t see it because it is temporarily obliterated by other states of mind. What if we could be ok with this and allow that natural flow to occur. In fact could we actually know happiness if we didn’t experience other states of mind. What would we compare it to?

Could it be that we are living in a naturally occurring design that mimics nature’s ever changing states ie the seasons/weather patterns/growth and death. Nothing actually ever stays the same so what if we could embrace all of our own weather conditions effortlessly just as nature does.

Could that be the real definition of ‘happiness’ ?






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