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“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
Author Unknown

Do you want more energy, mental clarity and optimal health?

I’m guessing that you know the basics of what a healthy life looks like, so what stops you creating that for yourself?

Are you content to live with ‘minor’ health complaints assuming that it will go away eventually?

Would you like to be able to hear and trust your body’s inner wisdom in order to be able to live a life in a body that feels amazing most of the time.

Family history of bowel cancer and the state of my own health in my 20s led me to explore what is optimal health and what creates it. Now 18 years on, I very rarely get ill, my body feels great and I have loads of energy. My research has come down to one conclusion, environment. The state of our gut and our mind is essential for health.

I’ve discovered what causes the psychological patterns that we create around food and eating habits and how to create an optimal environment in the gut to facilitate digestion, absorption and detoxification.

Combining my previous skills as a chef and my coaching training, I advise on eating plans to suit the individual and am able to incorporate Vegan, Low GL and Raw Food recipes that look and taste great! Health Coaching helps you to understand how the mind functions and connects you to your inner wisdom so that you understand what you need to do to become healthier and happier.

Some of the health programs I offer:

Health and Weightloss Coaching

If your health is suffering and you need support to get back to physical and mental wellbeing, health coaching could be for you.

I work with clients who have cancer, weight issues, eating disorders, digestive problems and those experiencing pain and anxiety.

Even if a cure is not available, my health coaching programme will allow you to live more easily with the symptoms and even get back to enjoying your life.

Health coaching is tailored to the individual and can include facilitating weight loss, improving health issues, addressing sabotage patterns, time management, recipe ideas, menu planning, increasing confidence and self esteem, food allergies, detoxing/fasting, creating an exercise programme, work/life balance.

Book a FREE initial session here

Nutritional Consultation in Balham

This session involves personal nutritional advice based on a health questionnaire and a food diary that you fill out before the session.

  • Nutritional information on the best way for you to eat in order to have maximum long term health and if necessary, permanent weight loss.
  • A Tanita scales analysis on weight including fat percentage, water content, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age, metabolic rate.
  • An action plan of the changes you can make to your diet and how you are going to incorporate them.
  • Low GL Menu Plans
  • An understanding of the psychology of eating ie that how you think, influences your food choices

Additional Support coaching may be necessary

Book your session here £250 for 2 hours

Detox & Juice Fasting

A detox or juice fast could benefit you if you have digestive problems, skin complaints or a history of recreation, pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol consumption. It is also great to kick start a healthier way of life.

Fasting benefits most people. The length and type of detox or fast will vary according to an individual’s symptoms and requirements.
Toxic overload causes mental and physical discomfort. Even though the body is able to process a level of toxicity, our modern world has many hidden pollutants that were not prevalent 100 years ago.

Fasting improves the physical functions of the body, and allows a deeper connection with our inner awareness. The mind becomes sharp and clear allowing for increased productivity and an ability to be un-phased with the stresses of life. As the body becomes less acidic, inflammation decreases and flexibility improves.

Book a consultation 90 minutes £150


Being introduced to new ingredients and alternative seasonings/sweetenings was great. Then finally sitting down to enjoy the resulting lunch, delicious!

~ Sue

It highlighted the need for me to balance all things in life, not only food, but personal time, work, family, social life and exercise in order to lose weight successfully. I felt increased energy while on the programme and more focused in all things that I did. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants more out of life, not only those who need to loose a few kilos.

~ Kelly

I’d previously been to see Louise for Consciousness Coaching which was a huge success so decided to book a Nutrition session with her. Learning how to eat in a really healthy and balanced way without going on a diet had been a challenge for years. I had a 2 hour session with Louise where she explained the basic principles of healthy eating and helped me to understand what certain foods actually do to my body.

Hearing the science and fact behind it has been a massive help and has given me the knowledge to make the right food choices. I would recommend it to anyone that’s struggled with their weight or just wants to know how they can become healthier through nutrition.

~ Becky

I had been really intrigued and at the same time a bit nervous about doing a 5-day juice fast and so it was really important for me to do it through someone who knew what they were doing and who would be supportive if I had any problems over the fast.

Lou provided thorough information before, during and after the fast about what to do and what to expect which reassured and motivated me. During her initial briefing she shared a lot of knowledge and personal experience of fasting. She was very open to and patient with all my questions and although she’s fasted many times herself she still understood that it’s pretty daunting if you’re doing it for the first time.

My experience of the fast was extremely positive and way better than I expected. Perhaps the main benefit I experienced was the clearness and lightness of mind; I had heard people say this but it needs to be experienced to really understand it. Also I had increased energy levels (and none of the usual energy slumps) and good sleep. I felt a bit groggy (mild headache, tired, irritable) a couple days during the pre-fast diet (cutting out all the toxic stuff like alcohol, caffeine, processed foods).

I was surprised that I didn’t feel hungry and the variety of amazing juices to choose from. I also enjoyed the mineral broth and would recommend taking Lou’s advice of opting for organic produce and distilled water to get the best quality. If you’re genuinely motivated to do a fast I really recommend doing it and with Lou. I will definitely be doing one again!

~ Caroline

This is just a belated thank you for the fabulous cookery class a few weeks ago! I have been trying to perfect my chopping technique! I went straight to Wholefoods after my appointment and bought a load of the ingredients – the Miso soup is great!

~ Marcellina

Thanks so much for the great Beans and Grains workshop. You are also so full of interesting nutritional information about how different foods effect our bodies (in both good ways and bad!) which so helps to reinforce why we should all be eating many more grains and beans and cutting down on the animal and dairy proteins. What’s more,it all makes complete sense.

The dishes you prepared were just absolutely delicious, you made it look effortless (which hopefully it will be with all the easy to do recipes you gave us) yet we also know that each mouthful is so nutritionally high and good for our bodies that it becomes a double whammy of enjoyment! It was also fantastic to be introduced into different types of foods that I did not know even existed, like the seaweed wraps and the healthy pancakes which are ideal for lunch snacks.

As always, you are so informative about each type of grain/bean/pulse and how to cook them in different ways which I much needed!

~ Sarah

I was so impressed with the planning you’d put in: presenting a varied and exciting menu, demonstrating some gorgeous dishes, feeding us with wonderful tastes, and all the while educating us with tips, techniques and comprehensive background information.

I loved every minute, and most of all I loved the wonderful food! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in eating healthily and livening up their diet. When can I come again?

~ Diana
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