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Wise words written by my dear friend and mentor Regula.

Looking back at your life you will see many things that you would do or handle differently today. Noticing this you might get carried away by sadness or doubt or guilt feelings.

But here is the GAME CHANGER:

Back then it made perfect sense to act the way you did. It made sense given where you were at and the circumstances you were in. It made sense according to all the circumstances, it made sense in the bigger picture of life you could see back then.

Maybe it is how you handled a divorce, or an illness, a fight, an addiction, an abortion or just a conversation with a friend that seemed to go sour.

It all made sense” otherwise you wouldn’t have acted the way you did.

Can you feel the compassion, the love for yourself, the understanding that enters your view of these past events?

“It all made sense” frees us from judgment and therefore brings great relief because we can let the past rest in peace. Now we can move forward with a new, gentler, less judgmental approach and see what makes sense in the next moment.

In today’s circumstances and understanding of life new things make sense, even if it is again a divorce, an illness, an addiction, an abortion etc.

Whatever we do at any given moment, it MUST make sense in the bigger picture of our perception of life right then and there.

With this very simple, yet truthful game changer, our lives lighten up, our hearts can beat in a new rhythm, our minds clear up for new thinking.

With love

Regula Maeder

Game Changing Life Practitioner

Regula offers coaching by Skype in English and German.


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