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Yoga Is For Everyone

This is for anyone out there who says “I’m not bendy enough to do yoga”

If you recognise that the body is able and willing to move into all sorts of shapes, you can do yoga. Stiffness can be caused by constantly doing the same actions, ie what is familiar. This creates strengths and weaknesses throughout the body rather than balance and coordination.

Yoga is the exploration of positions that may be unusual and challenging. The good news is that yoga is whatever you want it to be and there is not only a vast range of yoga styles but every class is as individual as the teacher. Creativity, inspiration, balance, strength, flexibility, mental clarity are all potentially available. Some classes focus more on combining movement with breath, chanting or meditation. Classes can be dynamic or restorative and there are classes for everyone from babies to the elderly.

Even those who are ill or injured can do some kind of yoga because yoga is more than the combination of physical postures. It’s a mindstate. One of love and acceptance. Honouring self and others and being willing to stay open to the unknown.

One of my dear students forwarded me this video. I hope you will find it as inspiring as I did.



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